Ways to Save Money on The Wedding Plan

Weddings mark the beginning of a couple’s new life together. At one time, it wasn’t out of the ordinary for a couple or the bride’s parents to spend almost their entire savings on the big day. But now, the poor economy and the inability to land or keep a job have altered people’s perspective on this sort of unbridled spending. An increasing number of couples are starting to take a more frugal approach to wedding planning. For those looking to lower their costs and save money, we have listed a number of quick ways to do so.

Nix the Wedding Planner: Wedding planners are not necessary, contrary to popular belief! You can save yourself a bundle by doing it yourself, plus you won’t have someone encouraging you to add on extra expenses you really don’t need.

Choose Guests Carefully: While it would be great to invite every single acquaintance of both the bride and groom (and their families, each invite comes at a price. Paying for dinner, drinks and favors for hundreds of people can quickly add up. To avoid this, the bride and groom need to go over their guest list with a fine toothed comb and only invite those individuals that mean the most to them and who really deserve to be there.

Buy Out of Season: It might be cheaper to purchase wedding favors and other wedding-related items in the fall and winter, after the summer wedding season has passed. By the same token, getting married in the off-season can result in lower prices from vendors, too.

Shop the Holidays: Individuals looking to purchase decorations or favors should consider shopping the holidays. For instance, at Valentine’s Day, you can load up on heart-themed decorations and candy for favors at a discount price. It goes pretty cheap right after Valentine’s Day and the love-themed candies would be perfect for a wedding. This might also be a good time to find love-themed items that might make good favors for the guests.

Use Bigger Tables: Bigger tables mean fewer tablecloths, centerpieces and subsequent expenses. It also may mean you can fit more people into a smaller space.

Buy In-Season Flowers: Buying flowers that are in-season is one way to keep costs low. Purchasing them out-of-season will significantly increase costs. For instance, finding lilacs in December is going to cost you an arm and a leg, while poinsettias and even roses might be more readily available.

Have a Signature Cocktail Rather Than a Full Bar: Instead of giving guest access to a full bar, a cheaper option would be to have the bartender create a signature drink and only serve those, or stick to beer and wine rather than hard liquor. This will require less liquor and the liquor used for the signature drink will be of the couple’s choosing.

There are many ways to cut costs and have a beautiful, affordable wedding. All it takes is a little (or a lot) of creativitity and planning ahead. Literally anyone can do it, not just wedding planners!